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Each truck comes with a highly experienced operator

We have access to all kinds of trucks in many different configurations.

Tilt Trays, Crane Trucks, Semi's, Tippers, Low Loaders and so on.

Most of our trucks are tracked by GPS and our job dispatch system is also linked in with our GPS.

We are developing a new system with Tom Tom and this will allow us to run our truck virtually paperless.

All our con-notes will be in a digital format with on screen signature, allowing faster times for the paper work to be done and completed.

Documents should then be sent to your email inbox if you provide us with your email address.

We only use suitably trained or qualified contractors and staff. So you can be assured of a high quality service.

We also have available long term truck hire with driver. Any kind of truck you like we can do. We put the right truck with the right people and with a competitive price and guarantee to supply. We can set up your own specific requirements for any kind of vehicle for any term greater than 3 years. Going this way, saves you time, money effort and gives peace of mind. 

Twin Steer Tilt Tray with 9m tray

8 Wheeler Tilt Tray. Carries up to 13.5 tonnes, From $115.00 + GST per hour. 

Ideal for skid steer loader & Excavator combo, site shed, trucks,, larger compaction equipment, excavators up to 12t, forklifts and so on.

Bogie Tilt Tray 8.5 Meter Long Tray

Large Bogie Axle Tilt Tray, Carries up to 11 tonnes, From $105.00 + GST per hour.

Ideal for empty & loaded shipping container, skid steer loaders, site shed, small trucks, medium size compaction equipment, excavators, forklifts and so on.

4 x 2 tilt tray 7.8 Meter Long Tray

Large Single Axle Tilt Tray, Carries up to 6.5 tonnes, Towbar, From $95.00 + GST per hour.

Ideal for empty & loaded shipping container, skid steer loaders, site shed, small trucks,, small compaction equipment, mini excavators, forklifts and so on. This Truck also has a 3.5t Capacity Towbar.


Utility 2.2 tonne carrying and Hot Shot Transport

Large Single Axle Utility Tray with crane Carries up to 2.2 tonnes, Towbar 3.5 tonnes, From $65.00 + GST per hour.

Ideal for urgent jobs, small items, pallets, and so on. Hot Shot speciality with crane.

Low Loader/Step deck to 22.5t Carrying

Low Loader, non widening step deck configuration with Bi Fold Ramps

Ideal for Excavators to 20 tonnes, Heavy Compaction Equipment, Combos, Semi Work.

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